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Custom Silk Paintings and Classes in Tampa

ART Classes in Tampa

In addition to  creating my silk paintings,  I also teachSILK PAINTING CLASSES  in the Tampa area – South Seminole Heights to be specific. My Art Classes are geared mostly to  women who are looking for something enriching and self expressive in their lives. It is thrilling to see even complete novices create such beauty and we have lots of fun.

Contemporary life is stressful and fast paced;  it’s easy to lose your inner joy - Art  provides solace and rejuvenation. Making art is restorative. ART CLASSES  and other art-related activities will help you stay in touch with yourself, the joy you were born with;  I can help with that.   

​​​For more than 25 years, I have been painting  lustrous and gorgeous silk paintings.  My silk art MAY INCLUDE a field of sunflowers, OR koi in a pond, or cafes and interiors. pure silk enhances  the glowing color of the fiber-reactive, steam set dyes, The result is a shimmering piece of art loaded with lyricism and symbolism. My name is Elizabeth Mitchell, and I TEACH ART AND  silk painting .