Thursday Mornings

8.30 - 9.45

$15 a class, or $50 for 4 class package. First class complimentary.

When I got to New York, I found my way to Sivananda Yoga Ashram in New York City,  NY state  and the Bahamas. I received my Sivananda Yoga teaching certificate in 1982.

Sivananda Yoga focuses on the full yogic experience - the physical and the spiritual. The teaching is deep and wide.

Yoga for Every Body

Currently teaching @

Essential Balance Holistic Wellness Center.

5606 N Nebraska Ave,

Tampa Fl 33604.

​​Elizabeth Mitchell Studio

Kiwi Spirit Yoga

In 2014, I had a hip replacement. That little hurdle made me much more aware of what the body cannot do when it cannot do it.  Kiwi Spirit Yoga  class is designed around the participants. I teach a joyful yoga embodied in your own reality.  Your first class at Essential Balance Carriage House Studio where I teach in Tampa, FL is complimentary. See you there. Thursdays, 8.30am.

I have had some Iyengar training too. Iyengar focuses on correct alignment. I believe that if a practitioner or student is in correct alignment , no matter how far they are able to get into the asana (position) , they will receive the benefit - like a basket ball player visualising shooting hoops and improving hir game.


I first experienced yoga  in New Zealand, when I was in my early twenties. I noticed a distinct improvement in my posture, which massively helped the way I looked. I wasn't an athletic type, but I certainly took to yoga. It is as though I have done it before - you know, in another life time or something. It is such a natural delight to me.

Later, I was in London and about to leave for New York the next day. That evening I dragged myself to a complimentary Sivananda yoga class I'd been promising myself I would go to. I practically danced home through the streets .