One Florida Spotted Sea Trout among a heap of Colorado Cutthroats. 28"x34" 

A color field in browny reds, wine, gold ... for R.S.

This was commissioned by Gram's Place , a super funky Inn frequented by travelling musicians, here in Tampa.

A food triptych.

The program crops the images so they are shown individually below.

Two versions of a mermaid for a bathroom. Happiness all around.

Soft hued Koi in a pond.

Lady Liberty, Attacked and Defended

I love this one, commissioned by a member of the ACLU. The ACLU angels are defending the flame of liberty from being put out and the Bill of Rights from being burned up. The well meaning but heedless public watch tv, their hands over their ears, their mouths shut  - no protests against injustice from those who are unaware it is happening to them, eventually and to all of us, as our econiche is destroyed by inaction on Peace and Earth concerns.


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