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​​Elizabeth Mitchell Studio


20 x 24

Hot Landscape

12 x 16

3 non silk pieces . 12" max dimension

These 6 little pics are framed and approx 8x10 or under 12" in any direction. I love mustard hill, like we have in NZ - all the yellow mustard flowers; I enjoy experimenting with abstracts, and there's a Kandisnky Circles on silk here too.

"yes !" I love this pic - full of goddess Eve saying, "OF COURSE I ATE THE APPLE ! what do you think". Ahura Mazda the sun. The broken egg /yinyang symbolizes the necessity for the Cosmic Egg of All Potential  to break into the thousand things... and so much more. It is 40 x 60

Florida Fish- the map of Florida is the painted yellow and applied - it is the shape of a fish! this was made for a cuba sandwich show.

20 x24


12 x24


This one is an homage to my sis, also an artist. So full of sweet love, My goddess.

12 x 16


Created for a Cuban Sandwich Show with a little cup of spilled coffee at the bottom, with fish which reminds me of Hillsborough River, and citrus fruit - so big a part of Tampa's history. And found objects and curious markings... about 14"x20"


I have a 12"x16"framed photographic print of this lovely pic. At one time I tried making prints on silvered Endura  paper which recreates to some extent the vibrant color on silk. This is a rare one of those.



Do come and visit. If you like any particular work we can negotiate an amicable price.

Lots of small gifty things and some bigger pieces I love.

Cosmic Lingam

another silk abstract.


Inspired by the energy painting so Australian Aborigine.

12 x 20

WHEW ! That was a mega job getting all those pics up here. I hope you like something and would like to come see it in person and even take it home. Do contact me Contactand let's set up a visit !

These are 3 abstracts.  Dyes and other media on silk. Fun .

I love this cosmic abstract - acrylic, about 24x40


Another favorite - I got a real nice frame for it.

about 14 x 20 in the frame.

Old Truck in Field

12 x 24

Yes, this used to be part of the pic above. I separated them cos the sky I love shows better when it's a greater proportion of the pic.


She sits by the waters of the Lethe, the river of forgetfulness after death, and thinks as she looks through at her past life, "if I knew then what I know now, I would have been happy."​ 

The endless torture of the human mind obsessed with its own ego, but given the blessed gift of death and forgetfulness, and a chance to be born again, to try again to live as the divine creative beings we could be. Can I wake up now and not have to go through the process again? It's now or never for humankind! This one is about 30"x40"