Transmission - Chicken Shaman.

In this one there are so many levels and layers of being. It's another of my favorites because i can stare at it and see new beings emerge. Transmission is what we are all doing - transmitting our energy into the space where we live, transmuting what we receive into something that has been changed by its journey as us.

It is 24x24 and in a black frame.

$313 is its tentative price.

I love to talk about my art. I'd love you to own a piece. I love to teach and explore and experiment with others  at my studio. I believe in the Teaching- Learning community, that everyone brings something. We bring who we were born to be right here. It is good to know this and to recall who we were born to be. To make that our own decision.  Contact

Cool  Flowers.

The technique is different than usual; I have not used resist on the flower drawing, only added a little black scribble line afterwards. I enjoyed making the glass vase.

Size in the frame  about 22x28

$325 is retail for this one.

Banana Flower.

The brown wiggly object at the top is a banana stem. Once the bananas have stopped formingthe flower stalk keeps on growing getting longer as the flower petals peel open and fall off. THe little banana fruits are not viable all the way down.

26 x 32 approx. and $480.--

Florida Fish- another favorite. The fish is actually the map of Florida, there's the cuban sandwich center and a dimensional version at lower left. DNA is referenced and alienbeings are represented - lower right ( a piece of artifical intelligence is affixed.) 

Blue Cardinal  and Red Jay - Peace Offering.

A bird I saw one day - a mix of Cardinal and Jay - with yellow throat and Blue Jay coat - alas it did not stay. But anyway, I painted it, and Puffin came in too, and peace olive branch... I wish that me and you could live in peace and thus release the world from horror trance.

This is my mysticism - it makes me rhyme. Birds represent my expression of all humans who long for Peace.  34 x 38

Art Available at the Studio 

Please Contact me if you like any of these works.  I would love to find them an appreciative home. 

EK and AW.

that is Ellsworth Kelly and Andy Warhol. I was inspired by the large areas of color shapes in Ellsworth Kelly's work and the loose drawing of some Andy Warhol flowers.  This image has a golden frame, its about 28 x 24 .

Tangerine Poppies.

In gold Frame with black accents. Ceramic jug of the entre guerre British Style. Days of hope which springs eternal are represented here. Eternal is outside of time - always available. Time offers ills, hope is always there. "In the end there is just one ray of hope left and that is enough", to paraphrase Kobi Yamada.

BEES. Bee faces so delightful in google images.  Here Bee 1 and Wild Bee.  If I shut my eyes and humm i can feel the great sense receptors either side of my body...

Wise Woman

I love that my work can be studied and enjoyed many times and over the years - there is so much richness in it, new aspects and items are constantly revealing themselves. There is a moose emerging from a lake - the theme of nature and water and our obligation as wombmen or huemen beings to bring it and ourselves forward to health.

I dont love that my photography doesnt do the work justice...

Apprentice Shaman. This painting evolved from a collage. I love the large head sculptures  of Jun Kaneko. The romance and mystery of the East and its wisdom are reflected here; the little girl represents the Westerner in me, struggling to free herself from Western materialist concepts of consciousness as emanating from and ceasing with the matter in which it arises - ie matter is all there is. This life is material only. The wisdom of mysticism, same in East and West, recognizes spirit which is in and precedes all material form. Form being the projection and creation of the mind which names it. Oh Logos. It is complicated and beautiful and my obsession.  Shaman juggles all the stories and descriptions, girl apprentice is testing the rising tide.

In gold frame with large mat, c. 30 x40

Fearless Girl and Wallstreet Bull.

Kirsten Visbal's sculpture of the girl facing down the bull was given a Pink Pussy Hat, during the Women's March, Jan 2017. I have drawn her leading the bull and other thought balloons. Bull should be a symbol of nobility and protection of the herd, not greed and exploitation. With a bit more consciousness of caring sharing and co-operating, I can imagine a world in which everyone has enough.  26 x 34

Cool Flowers.

I love this painting which is created with a different technique - the resist lines are added after painting. They function decoratively only. See process page

for a description of resist method. In this work, the painting is done by using a dry brush to create the flowers. Large areas are demarcated with clear resist, and the flowers are "picked out" with black resist after painting.

This painting has a mat, liner and Dark Frame. It is about 22x26"

FIsh Fud. This  pic that i love is looking for a kitchen wall or  restaurant wall -

D'oro the Exploro.

The middle era of woman, above was crone, here she is in her adventurous maturity, still youthful, still whirling the world platter, still ascending as the snake descends, while the great apes eat their potatoes in the background.  Contact me for art experiences in which we find ways to express our knowing of the living truth of legends, dreams , archetypes, stories. They live in us and we in them.


​​Elizabeth Mitchell Studio

Tall Flowers,

This long skinny piece is framed in a simple brown wood. It is about 12"x24" and a really bright one. A collector once told me she loved that she could hang my pictures in locations of little light in her home,because the glow of the silk and the brightness of the colors lit up the darkness. It retail is