ENCAUSTIC​ - my work done in Francine Bauer workshop at Life Enrichment Centre


Studio time is $20 an hour, for two to three hours.  
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I am an art coach. I am able to see opportunities and offer  advice and hints for marketing, framing , art shows and so much more, as well as techniques and the way to get over the fear of trying ! To paraphrase Martha Graham; "If you dont do your work - it won't get done!" Like children, here we make art for the joy of making.

I provide a space of support, acceptance, interest, fun and enjoyment. The feeling of inadequacy and the need to be perfect are neutralized in the atmosphere of exploration experienced at the Inspiration Zone. It is play with a deeper consciousness. 
I teach adults, and children. See student work in this gallery and below :


Lib, thanks so much. What a lovely person you are. I look forward to my next visit with you. I had a wonderful time feeling uninhibited, free, safe, and creative!!!!
— Denise M. Student
I enjoyed seeing you and your studio. I will look forward to taking a class and I’m glad you appeal to the need for caretakers to de-stress, there is a great need [for that] in this area.
— D.P. Student

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